Looking for depth and dimension in your coloring?

Marker Painting is a totally new approach to coloring.

Well, actually it's the old approach.

Learn to use your Copic Markers the way an artist uses paint.

Marker Painting breaks all the crafty coloring laws. Painting technique sets you free from marker tutorials, recipes, and all the supposed rules that actually lock you into flat and simplistic coloring.

You can learn to color independently.

You can get realism and amazing depth from your Copics.

You can paint with markers!


What is your Copic Marker skill level?

I want to start (or re-start) from the very beginning.

I can do easy blends; now I want to improve my skills. 

I am an intermediate colorer and I want to find new challenges.

I'm looking for a monthly class which takes me beyond craft-level coloring

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My name is Amy Shulke and I'm a professional illustrator.

Don't get all impressed by that. I basically draw and color for a living.

That's right. Once an artist gets the composition down and the preliminary drawing done, the rest of art is basically coloring.

The exact same kind of coloring you do.

Except... artists have quality tools, access to better training, and we've had the luxury of long hours of dedicated practice time.

But there's nothing magical about what we do. Anyone can learn to underpaint, desaturate, and to use artist grade tools. Art concepts are not top secret. There are no special clubs, no secret artist hand-shakes... heck, you don't even have to wear a beret if you don't want to.

Although I highly recommend the beret.

Take the next step beyond crafting to become the artist you were always meant to be.

You can do this!

Latest Livestream:

Rose' All Day- a lesson on Color Sculpting light red objects

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Saturday, Febuary 10 at 11am EST

Replay available for those who can't attend or want to watch it again!

Color sculpting is the artist's term for creating the illusion of a three dimensional object using color. Copic colorers mistakenly call this "shading" and they shade by grabbing a marker that's 2-3 numbers higher than their main marker color.

But "shading" is a primitive technique and the method doesn't work well when the object is pink or light red. Copic only offers red markers to shade these areas but look at any pink object in real life, they're NEVER red in the shaded areas!

Join Amy for an exploration of sculpting light red and pink objects with realism and NO RED MARKERS!


Previous Livestream Lessons: 

(available to members in the archive section)

New in Marker Painting Basics:

Chocolate Box, a lesson on coloring for photorealism. Create pseudo-blacks to accurately create depth for deep, dark objects. Class also includes Amy's vibrant silk flourish background technique.| MarkerPainting.com

Chocolate Box


Level: intermediate and advanced students

A 90 minute project + bonus videos. Learn how to create dynamic and realistic bird projects.

We've used the Push & Pull technique to create lifelike depth but how do you Push the really dark objects? And how do you push them when Copic does not make a marker dark enough to push them with?

That's a definite a problem!

Learn Amy's Pseudo-Black process which creates the correct color for your pushes without guessing or shopping for new markers.

This lesson also includes a bonus segment on my vibrant silk flourish technique.

Class includes: digital stamp, recipe guide, full color sample, color map, guide to shade & shadow, instructor Q&A access, a 15 minute deep-dive on my background technique, bonus video for safe project mounting, plus 4 fully narrated coloring process videos (total 1.5 hours of instruction time).

CLASS LAUNCHES THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2018    (Sorry, launch date postponed from the 8th to the 12th due to the flu... ugh!)

Kathy's "Sliced Pear" project. Marker Painting Foundations class 2017. | MarkerPainting.com

I’m addicted to online learning. But that said, I believe I’m qualified to know a great class when I find one. The Marker Painting Foundations class is probably the best online class I’ve ever taken. I succumbed to peer pressure and invested in Copic markers even though I haven’t colored since elementary school (many, many, many years ago). I love bright colors but I don’t have any art background to know what to do with them. Thanks to Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts, that is changing. With practice, I continue to have results I didn’t think possible. I love her style, the way she teaches in a time released manner and the class workbook she provides.

- Kathy



I stumbled onto Amy's teachings by accident; I am so very glad I did. I have taken several of her online courses and I have learned so much. She is a natural teacher. I have even thought to take a holiday to America just so I can take a live class. Is that considered 'stalking'?

- Della

kris tulips.jpg

... I have taken every Copic class ever offered, including the certification classes. I learned far, far more from Amy Shulke and the Marker Painting Foundations class than all of the other classes put together.

- Kris

Joy IC Sand.jpg


I was really discouraged about Copic coloring before finding Amy. I was drawn to her approach by the realism in her work and her very engaging way of explaining marker techniques.  Amy has great communication skills and really understands how beginners like me think and color. She’s an artist, for sure, and a fine teacher as well.



Classes & Courses in Progress:

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