Tired of traditional Copic coloring?

It all starts to look the same, doesn't it?

Sure, those smooth-blended, cute card images looked amazing when you were first starting out...

But how much light to dark, smooth blending can a person do?

Every once in a while, you find a photo on Pinterest or Instagram where the coloring is so amazing. It's full of depth and realism... and that person is using the same exact markers you're using! What gives?

It's not you, it's your technique

The problem with most marker lessons and tutorials is that they're based on the copy-cat theory.

"I'll show you how I colored this project and by watching me color, you'll be able to do it too!"

Which works for that one image. But eventually you hit a brick wall where you've seen it all and understand nothing.


Marker Painting Basics is skill-building instruction

Every class covers a new art-based technique or concept.

Practice your new skill on the class image but apply the lesson to all your future coloring projects.

Topics of the Candy Corn Lesson include:

  • developing vibrant colors on colored paper and cardstock
  • how to choose markers and pencils which work on colored cardstock
  • how to avoid excessive layers and skip the white basecoat
  • adding easy bits of realism
  • the secret to cast shadows which make your objects look 3D

(project shown in the final stage, after the marker work has been completed)


Sample Amy's techniques in action here.

Marker Basics classes are 1-2 hours of video footage with detailed project breakdowns and learning aids. Master the technique, not the image!

Lori J Chameleon for website.jpg


Amy is a great instructor. I have taken both live and online classes and have had wonderful experiences with both. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to take their coloring to a higher level.

- Colleen




I first saw Amy's art on Instagram and I was intrigued by how authentic her pictures looked. I tried my hand at her free tutorial and I was hooked. By becoming a Basics student through Patreon, I have access to more tutorials AND critique by Amy. I've learned a lot from her in a very short time. 

- Lori


Marker Painting Basics is slow & easy learning

Designed to introduce large concepts in bite-sized lessons- easy to understand and easy to apply.

Because nobody learns well when they're overwhelmed or under pressure.

To keep the pace steady, this is a monthly, subscription based class. Starting at $10 per month, members receive 60 day access to TWO complete project lessons.

  • two classes open at all times with a new lesson launching every 30 days
  • digital stamps in your choice of three handy file formats
  • class supply guide (including substitution options when applicable)
  • 15 minute deep-dive Technique of the Month video- teaching you one specific skill or concept which you practice on the project but apply to everything else you color
  • 1-2 hours of fully narrated coloring videos- not just a coloring demonstration! Amy breaks down complex techniques and uses time-outs and visual aids to explain the process
  • full color project sample
  • unique color map
  • guide to shade and shadow
  • personalized feedback and instructor Q&A access

Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe as your busy life allows. Because each lesson is new to everyone every month, you won't feel pressured to keep up the pace or feel left behind.


Previous Marker Painting Basics Classes:

Note: photos above show the final phase of the project which involves colored pencils. Don't worry, this is still a marker class. All MPB projects are marker based with optional colored pencil details.


Marker Painting Basics is perfect for:

  • Copic Marker beginners who have basic blending skills (but you don't have to be a pro)
  • Self taught colorers who feel a little lost with basic techniques
  • Intermediate colorers who are tired of "monkey see, monkey do" classes
  • Experienced colorers looking to challenge their current skills
  • Shy artists who want more than craft-level classes

I recommend that students start with Marker Painting Foundations or have beginner level blending skills before starting this class. Many students do Marker Painting Foundations at the same time as this Basics class.



Marker Painting Basics- a monthly Copic Marker which helps you add artistry to your Copic Maker projects. | MarkerPainting.com

Choose your level with each lesson:

All classes contain a basic lesson using Copic Markers. Those looking for challenges can continue on to add colored pencil details and accents.

Classes work on two levels depending upon your focus. Beginners concentrate on the "how to" demonstrations while experienced colorers learn from the time-out segments on color theory, composition, focus, and artistic intention.

Color just the Copic portions or continue on to add colored pencil details on top of the markerwork

Classes are active for 60 days from their debut date with a new class opening the first week of every month. Two classes are active at all times.

Lessons are non-sequential so you can join any time without feeling lost. Every class and every technique is new to everyone, every month!


Why is this class at Patreon?

Flexibility, security, and economy.

Patreon.com is a home for artists and musicians- a place for them to share their latest work with supporters.

It's is an easy and effective method for connecting with my students. Patreon handles the subscriptions, payments, and site security which allows me to place all my focus on creating great lessons.

This is a monthly subscription class and I know your life can get busy. I want you to be able to join, leave, re-join, or pause your account as needed. I've yet to find another site that allows you this easy flexibility.

And lastly, you just spent a ton of money on markers. I want to produce a high quality class that's economically accessible to everyone. By limiting the lesson access time to 60 days and by offering a constant rotation of classes, I can keep you active, engaged, and coloring without busting your budget!

(psssttt... if you really want forever access, retired Basics classes go to the Workshop as a la carte classes. Patreon discount available for lessons active while your membership was active.)