Colored Pencil Plus launches September 26, 2017

Registration opens September 8th, 2017

Similar to Marker Painting Foundations, Colored Pencil Plus (CP+) is a 12 week online comprehensive course that introduces you to my pencil methods.

This is another introductory level course, perfect for those with absolutely no colored pencil experience AND those wishing to improve their skills with focused technique-building lessons.


Important Note:

I do not use solvents, blending agents, or blending pencils. My methods are perfect for anyone with chemical sensitivity, concerns about use of hazardous materials in the home, or for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. I know it's not currently trendy, solvents are all the rage in the coloring world right now, but I do things old-school.

You absolutely can learn to blend colored pencils beautifully without the use of blending aids!


Progress Update:

September 1st- Dates adjusted and launch of

May 9th- New website! will be the new home for my colored pencil courses. This page is a temporary place holder until I launch the full CP+ site.