Frequently asked questions:

Are you Copic Certified?

Yes. I am Copic Certified, Standard level. I had to take a full three years of Marker Indication classes to earn a BFA, Illustration, so I've never seen the point in attending Intermediate level certification.


How long have you been coloring?

In third grade, I drew a St. Bernard for my father. He's a draftsman and assumed that I had traced a photo. A poodle, a dachshund, and a bulldog later, he finally decided that I needed art classes immediately.

I've been making art ever since. I'm an illustrator by training, technical drawings which emphasize extreme accuracy. I've dabbled in glass blowing, formal portraiture, and botanical watercolor too. My primary medium has always been colored pencil (I was one of only three pencil specialists in art school).

Markers were a required subject for illustration students. I've used artist-grade markers since 1989.


Do you teach live classes in my area?

Currently, I only teach local classes- Macomb Township and Oxford, Michigan. I'd love to guest teach if my schedule allows. Contact me at to discuss.


I swear that I saw a cat in one of your videos, yet you only mention dogs. What gives?

I'm amazed at how many people ask me this!

Blue the cat is seriously antisocial but for some reason, she comes out of hiding when the camera is on. Because I enjoy having 10 fingers, it's best not to debate with her over desktop transit rights.

My dogs are all over 70 pounds and don't usually walk across my desk. At least not while filming.


What's the difference between a starter and a beginner?

A starter is someone who has barely uncapped their markers. Starter status has nothing to do with skill level; it's simply someone has very little marker experience.

Beginner is an actual skill designation. Beginners are still learning to blend and are not very successful at independent coloring. There is no time frame for beginnerhood. I've seen people pick up their first marker and color like a pro. I've also met people who have colored for years and are still beginners. Time does not equal skill.


Can I take your classes using a different brand of alcohol marker?

It doesn't have to be Copic but you do need a flexible and juicy brush nib. Copic Classic (the square barrel style) markers don't work with my methods either, so you can't just go by brand.

The nib should be a long-ish and juicy felt tipped brush nib. Zig Clean Color markers have the wrong kind of brush nib, it must be a felt nib. I also have not been impressed by the Spectrum Noir brush nib- it's too firm and still too dry.

The ink must be alcohol based. Water-based markers are not suitable for my classes.


Why do you combine markers with colored pencils?

All markers have limitations. Most nibs are quite large and hard for students to control in tight areas. Copic Super Brush nibs are also very juicy which makes adding precision details difficult and realistic texture is also a challenge.

No one cringes when I ask them to hold a pencil; you've been doing it since kindergarten. The simple act of writing your name requires a great level of dexterity. So when we move to controlled detail work, we switch to colored pencils.

Plus, colored pencils add richness and color complexity that markers alone can not provide.


Do you sell the class digital stamps separately?

Most stamps are reserved exclusively for class use. My stamp shop is here with many of my previous class images. If you don't find the image you're looking for, email me at and ask. If it's not reserved for classes only, I can usually pop it into the shop within 24 hours.


What colored pencils do you recommend?

For absolute beginners who have never worked with colored pencils, I recommend Prismacolor Premier pencils. Of all the artist grade pencils available, Prismacolor Premier is the least expensive. Artist grade is very important. Artist grade products make learning easier.

A lot of people recommend ultra-premium artist grade pencils such as Luminance and Polychromos. For beginners who are not sure they're going to stick with this hobby, the extra expense hard to justify. 

I know people worry about Prismacolor quality. For thoughts on the subject, see my article here.

I do not recommend Polychromos pencils for use on my preferred brand of marker cardstock (XPress-It). The two are not very compatible.

There is no point in investing in lightfast pencils for use with Copic Markers. Copics are not lightfast either.

In my own personal artwork, I use about 90% Luminance pencils with a few Polychromos, a few Prismacolors, and many Cretacolor pencils in the mix. I do not use Copics in my personal artwork, so markers and marker paper are not a factor in my fine-art pencil choices.


What paper do you recommend?

I highly recommend XPress It Blending Card. If that isn't available, Cryogen Curious Metallic in white is my second choice. Both are heavy cardstocks, not paper. Both brands are super slick papers with a low absorption rate. This allows your Copic ink to stay wet longer and that facilitates easier blending. Students report noticeable improvement when they switch to XPI or Cryogen.

I know that some will protest that they are beginners and therefore, expensive marker card is a waste of money. I highly disagree. Learning is hard enough without complicating the process with terrible paper. For more thoughts, read my article here.

Marker Paper, Marker Blending Paper, and Layout/Design Paper are not recommended for this class. These are thin papers used by architects, landscape designers, fashion designers, and animators for quick, disposable artwork. They are not designed to handle the large volume of ink used in the blending process!


Can I take Foundations and other Workshop classes at the same time?

Absolutely! Most Foundations students are dual enrolled.

Because they're all forever access, you aren't working on anyone's timeline but your own. If your schedule gets crazy or if you want to slow down, set one or more classes aside and take them up again later.


Can I purchase just one of the weekly lessons from Marker Painting Foundations? I saw the _____ project and I'd love to take just that class!

I'm sorry, the Foundations videos do not work as individual classes. Each project builds upon previous week and the videos frequently refer back to prior concepts and discussions. Selling you access to a single lesson would be like handing you half a banana bread recipe, you might make something out of it but it'd be hard.


I'd like to purchase this month's Vanilla Livestream.   OR...   I'd like to purchase just last month's Livestream.    Can I buy just one month without subscribing?

Any access to the Vanilla Livestream sessions requires a Patreon membership, whether you want this month's lesson or anything previous.

When you join, you will have immediate access to the archive section housing recordings of previous lessons. Email me at BEFORE joining to double check that the archives contain the lesson you're looking for. I keep as much stored there as possible but at some point, I will have to remove the oldest lessons to make room for new lessons.

If you're only after this month's lesson- Patreon actually makes it pretty easy to subscribe and unsubscribe at will. You can join and then unsubscribe after you've completed your desired project.


I'm enrolled in Vanilla Livestreaming now but life is getting busy. If I unsubscribe, can I come back later?

You sure can! Ease of joining and re-joining are a large part of why I house the Livestream broadcasts on Patreon.

Here's a tutorial on how to end your subscription (they call it "deleting a pledge"). Note that this does not delete your entire Patreon account which makes it easy to rejoin later. Pledge again and you're back in as if nothing ever happened.

BTW, several people have done this. Don't worry about it seeming strange. Life gets in the way sometimes. It happens. Go do what you have to do!


What is your refund policy?

Sorry, but there are no refunds on the Livestream class. Unsubscribe before the 1st day of the month to stop further charges from accruing.

For the Foundations course and other classes in the Workshop, the 30 day refund policy begins the day you enroll in the class. Note that if you purchase during a pre-sale, your 30 days starts with the purchase date, not the class start date.