Before You Can Color Well, You Need to Know the Essentials

Week #2 of Marker Painting Foundations- Learn to Flick & Blend |

Learning something new isn't easy. 

It's even harder if you're trying to learn it all on your own.

It's the simple coloring stuff that holds you back- how to hold your markers, how inks work, how to smooth and blend.

You need more than free tutorials because there's a gigantic difference between a blogger and a teacher.

Marker Painting Foundations is more than monkey-see, monkey-do coloring demonstrations. The goal is to help you understand your markers from the basics up-- setting the foundation for a lifetime of creative self expression.

  • What supplies to purchase- how to make the most from a starter budget and how to build a reasonably sized marker collection that suits all your needs

  • How to hold the marker- how to position your hand, arm, and body to make the most efficient and artistic strokes

  • How to begin your projects- eliminate the guesswork and the habit of recklessly charging in without a plan

  • How to fix a mistake- and how to move on if you can't fix the flaw

  • What order to apply colors- light to dark or dark to light? Finding the method that's right for your brain

  • How to blend- and when not to blend

  • How to shape and layer objects- understanding dimension and space rather than worrying about lighting conditions


12 Weeks of Projects:


Change the Way You Think About Color

Marker Painting Foundations is an online, twelve week introduction to the world of Copic Markers.

Amy Shulke is a professional technical illustrator with a special passion for teaching beginners how to color, paint, and draw. She teaches students to be independently creative rather than dependent on further classes for inspiration. Amy designs her projects to help you practice and perfect versatile skills rather than demonstrating just enough technique to get you through a single project.

Marker Painting Foundations has an active course discussion board. Instructor feedback and student support are a key feature of this course system.  Every project photo you submit will be carefully considered and you'll receive advice specifically tailored to your unique needs. Ask for clarification or further information at any time!


This Course is Ideal For:

  • Complete beginners who have never touched a marker before

  • Self taught colorers who feel as if they've missed the big secret to amazing coloring

  • Unconfident colorers who still encounter problems with blending, shading, or developing convincing depth

  • Frustrated colorers who struggle when coloring unfamiliar stamps

  • Habitual colorers stuck in a rut where every project looks the same

  • Dreaming colorers who want to push beyond craft level coloring into creative and artistic self-expression


You do not have to be a beginner to benefit from Foundations. This is art-based instruction and the approach is completely different than anything you've experienced in any coloring class. 

Marker Painting Foundations, an online Copic Marker coloring course designed to get you started right. Start with the basics and over twelve weeks, work your way to amazing depth and realism. |

Marker Painting Foundations is $350 for 26 lessons

(That's $30 per week or $15 per lesson)

Monthly payment option available.


More than "watch me color" style videos:

Full narrated demo videos showcase technique by taking frequent time-outs to explain the process.

16 fun digital stamps, each designed to enhance the week's lesson. No blending boxes or exercise pages.


Printable learning aids give you closeup looks at the projects- shade, color location, even back views!

16 fun digital stamps, each designed to enhance the week's lesson. No blending boxes or exercise pages.

Lesson videos are concept focused. Watch and enjoy the video with a cup of coffee. No pressure to color, color, color faster!

Printable learning aids give you closeup looks at the projects- both front and back views!

Narrated demo videos emphasize technique with frequent time-outs to explain the process.

150 page guidebook emphasizes the week's lesson but also stimulates further thought and discussion.

150 page guide-book reinforces the week's lesson but also stimulates further thought and discussion.

Personalized and prompt instructor feedback helps you make specific corrections to improve your weakest skills.

Personalized and prompt instructor feedback helps you make specific corrections to improve your weakest skills.

Frankie Pears.jpg

I am truly thankful that I took this class. I've been in the Basics class for over a year and I thought I'd learned all of Amy's tips and tricks. This class took me from a crafty marker girl to a real artist. I see things differently now, from the colors I use to the depth and subtle touches that pull the whole image together. When I look at my first image I realize how far I have come in twelve weeks. Thank you Amy, for driving the bus. You made the journey fun and challenging by pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I have a collection of projects now I am very proud of.

- Frankie


...I've taken numerous live and online classes but feel that I've learned far more from [Amy's] instruction than anything before. The numbering system makes much more sense. Incorporating pencil has made my coloring look much more like I've been working toward for several years. Thank you!

- Joy

Cathy Tulips.jpg

Thank you, Amy!! Huge thanks to you for all you’ve taught me. This course has been amazing. Frustrating at times, challenging throughout, and so well done that by the end of it, I’m comfortable with these markers (finally) and the progress just makes me so happy.

- Cathy]

Strawberry #1.jpeg

At 65, Marker Painting Foundations has  shaped my life in very interesting ways. I even look at a glass of water differently!  I am so appreciative of this attention to detail. I plan to continue on this journey.

- Gerilynn

CAthy Red Boots.jpg

Bottom line - Amy is able to condense years of experience into a fun, snarky and no BS style that people are looking for. [She] gave the most concise explanation of what the Copic numbering system is - why didn't anyone do it before? Well, they simply aren't Amy Shulke.

- Cathy


Amy's instruction style is relaxed and down to earth. She was informative and friendly but most of all, Amy challenged me to learn the technique rather than watch and copy. The introduction of colored pencils to my Copic pictures has changed my entire perspective on how I want my projects to look. I have gone through many of my marker paintings that I thought were done and will now finish with pencil. This class helped me view my projects as art and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

- Sandy



Work at Your Own Pace!

Forever Access!


PLEASE NOTE: this is a list of the markers I use in the demonstrations during the 12 week course. THIS IS NOT A BUYING GUIDE because there are many substitutions possible. During the early weeks of the course you will learn more about why I do not work with specific colors and how you can use alternative markers. A week before each segment is opened to you, I provide a list of the markers I will demo in the next lesson, which markers are optional, and suggest possible substitutions. I also take email queries on substitutions. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU MUST PURCHASE EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST!


Marker Painting Foundations Shopping List

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But Wait!

Before You Purchase, You Need to Know...

  • This is NOT your grandma's coloring class! Amy is extremely detail oriented and she shares fun facts in a humorous way. It's a pretty safe bet that you've never heard about "the drunk guy" or "the Copic Fairy" in any other Copic class!


  • This course will make you think. If you're not ready to challenge your Copic assumptions, this is not the course for you.


  • Lurkers lose! The whole point of this course is to improve your coloring, right? The way that happens is to complete your projects and then submit them to the discussion board for evaluation and encouragement. Amy helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses; she will give you specific instructions on how to make improvements. If you don't turn your projects in, you lose out on the feedback experience- the most valuable part of the class.


  • This course will change the way you look at the world around you. Be prepared for odd looks and eye-rolls from your family when you stop mowing the lawn to stare at the color of the grass or when you pause a television show in order to look closer at the tree on the left. Sorry, being weird is part of being an artist.